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我们努力使圣. 大卫的 education accessible to students of all backgrounds, regardless of a family's financial means. 记住这一点, we are pleased to offer a combination of programs, including need-based tuition assistance, 奖学金, 和教育贷款,以及参加北卡罗来纳机会奖学金, all with the goal of making tuition affordable for all families.

Families may choose to apply for one or all programs. 家庭不需要填写申请学费援助,以便他们的孩子有资格获得优秀奖学金. 除了, 获得优秀奖学金并不妨碍一个家庭申请并有资格获得学费援助.

我们非常感谢圣. 大卫的 for the support they have provided. It allows us to afford the education we desire for our children. ST. 大卫的父母

Tuition Assistance Programs

St. 大卫的学费资助

North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship




我们相信圣. 大卫的学校 experience combines the right mix of challenging academics, 基督教信仰的形成, character 和 leadership development opportunities, 竞技体育和一流的美术课程结合在一起,为我们的学生提供了尝试新事物的机会,并为他们的下一段旅程扩展了他们的想象力. Through the support of generous donors, 推荐全球十大赌博靠谱平台 is able to offer 五项优秀奖学金 给未来的和现在的九年级和十年级的学生,他们认真地加强了学生的组成, mission-aligned servant leaders who embrace each opportunity St. 大卫给他们的提议.

奖励金额各不相同, 2美元起,000 to $10,000 awarded annually per scholarship recipient, 和 are typically granted for each year during the student's time at St. 大卫的, provided the student continues to meet the qualifications.

学生 interested in applying for a merit scholarship should complete an 应用程序 和 submit it either in person or by email to 维吉尼亚马修斯, Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Management.


Academic Excellence through Faith, Virtue 和 Knowledge

Faith Formation Through Service

艺术 & 创新


St. 大卫学校是北卡罗来纳独立学校体育协会(NCISAA)的成员。, 作为一名成员,要按照协会的政策行事,因为这与学生运动员的录取有关. 因此,圣. 大卫学院不积极招募运动员在学校打球,也不为学生运动员提供体育奖学金.