Community Life

St. 大卫的 School is a community of friends, neighbors, and families.

We are fortunate to have parent volunteers who work tirelessly for our community in ways to numerous to count. There are several opportunities for parents to get involved in the life of the school. St. 大卫的 is fortunate to have three parent organizations on campus coordinate much of the volunteer opportunities. Each is tailored to a specific interest, so there is always an opportunity for something to do. If you are a parent and would like to learn how you can get involved, visit the Parent Portal for details.

Friends of St. 大卫的 School

Friends of St. 大卫的 School is a parent organization that reaches out to support the school and grow the community through numerous activities. Wether it is hosting the Family Picnic, or decorating the campus at Christmas time, hosting receptions for end-of-the-year programs, throwing a Winter Social party for all on campus or selling books at the Book Fair, there is an opportunity for every parent to find an interesting place to get involved with Friends.

Warrior Club

Athletic enrichment is the primary goal of the Warrior Club. This organization focuses its efforts on the success for the St. 大卫的 student athlete and coaches. The Warrior Club assists with running concessions for home sporting events, supplementing monies for athletic needs and hosting an annual golf tournament for fellowship and friendly competition. The Warrior Club has many opportunities for the sports enthusiast (or not) to get involved.

美术 Boosters

As their name implies, the 美术 Boosters, often referred to as FAB--because they are--focuses their attention to the 美术 department's student artists and faculty members. There is not a production on campus that FAB doesn't somehow have their organizational skills involved in. Whether feeding a cast of dozens before a theater production, or ironing costumes before the curtain rises, this team is always backstage for our 美术 department.