Portrait of a St. 大卫的 Graduate


The path to graduation for each St. 大卫的 student is an individual journey to challenge each graduate in preparation for college and life. So then, how do our mission and core values impact and influence the St. 大卫的 experience for our students?

We know that God has set each of our students on a pilgrimage along "a more excellent way" (Romans 12:31), complete with peaks, 山谷, contours and obstacles, all unique to each individual student.

We celebrate the distinctive journeys that lead each of them to new heights and depths in their pursuit of faith, virtue and knowledge, knowing that at the end of their time at St. 大卫的, they will be on their way to becoming uncommon people who 寻求基督, pursue excellence, lead with humility, persevere through challenges, embrace learning and collaborate generously.

With this uncommon graduate in mind, there are six key characteristics that paint the portrait of a St. 大卫的 graduate. Our desire is that each graduate will possess each of these qualities upon the completion of their St. 大卫的 studies and will continue to refine, embrace and exemplify them for the rest of their lives.

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St. 大卫的 graduates are on a journey to know, love and follow Christ with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

Persevere through Challenges

St. 大卫的 graduates embrace worthy challenges that foster courage, steadfastness and resilience, and they take responsibility for the impact of their actions and inactions.

Pursue Excellence

Guided by faculty who convey enduring wisdom, St. 大卫的 graduates live deep-rooted, whole-hearted lives, striving for excellence and doing all they do unto the glory of God.

Embrace Learning

As life-long lovers of learning, St. 大卫的 graduates continually dive deeper in 搜索 of understanding. They are unhurried, critical thinkers, winsome communicators and calm, flexible problem solvers.

Lead with Humility

St. 大卫的 graduates lead the way in generously offering their gifts, talents and resources to others, humbly recognizing that, even at their best, they are always on the way toward Christ-likeness.

Collaborate Generously

St. 大卫的 graduates creatively, competently and collaboratively engage with others across every sphere of society, uniquely equipped to contribute meaningful good to their communities.


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