Upper School Academic Highlights

Grades 9 - 12

St. David’s graduates are confident in their ability to use their minds and motivated to live their lives in pursuit of goodness, truth and beauty.

St. David’s Upper School curriculum, undergirded with a purposeful Christian framework, promotes free exchange and defense of ideas. 学生 wrestle with the thoughts and events that have shaped humanity, explore the character of God and His creative works, and celebrate the depth and beauty of man's greatest achievements.

During the four years of Upper School, students will experience a broad exposure to all disciplines, while having the opportunity to discover and pursue, 在深度上, special areas of academic interest through the curriculum, internships and independent studies.

My internship at Cherokee Investment Fund gave me a glimpse into the business world in a variety of areas. I am grateful to Cherokee for giving me this unique opportunity.John Mac feeney '18

We have designed our course offerings to include both college preparatory courses (Standard) and an advanced course of study (Honors and Advanced Placement) for many of our disciplines. Our goal is to create opportunities for students to find success and to experience a course of study that deliberately considers faith, virtue and knowledge.

Through the academic program, the co-curricular activities, service learning experiences and regular chapel services, our students mature into young men and women who are prepared for college and life.

Special Course Offerings

Independent Studies

学生 feed their curiosity and deepen their understanding of specific interests by proposing a unique course of study...

Innovation and Design Course

学生 learn to combine technological skills with hands-on creativity to invent. Working with their heads and their hands, they learn...

学生 complete an off-campus internship in order to pursue a passion, gain valuable job skills and explore possible...


As a component of the English curriculum, all students select, memorize and declaim a passage from a play, prose or poetry...